The stamped steel OEM overrun clutch piston suffers from deflection, a narrow work surface, and "spin out" in the clutch housing at high rpm. Spin out is the result of  inadequate wave spring tension which is necessary  to keep the piston seated during high rpm usage. When spin out occurs, the clutch piston lip seals suffer damage and the punched clutch piston legs at the base of the piston suffer erosion. Over time this action reduces overall piston height further decreasing wave spring seating force, compounding the problem. This fully CNC machined billet aluminum overrun clutch piston will not deflect, distributes the clamping force over the entire surface area of the clutch pack and features revised dimensions which increase wave spring preload and clutch piston static seat pressure putting an end to clutch piston spin out at high rpm. Will retro-fit all models.

$49.99 /Each.
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