About Us


Our in house machine shop and CNC machining centers give us total control over the manufacturing process of our unique product line. All of our automatic transmissions are installed in a vehicle and test driven to ensure flawless performance prior to being placed in stock for shipping. Hundreds of hours of research and development have produced the best competition and transbrake valve bodies currently available to the racer. Our products and technoogy are not copies of other designs. They are revolutionary new designs created thru intense research and development by the company.

The company and its employees stand behind their customers and products 100% and back it up with over the phone technical assistance during operating hours.


CK PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS INC. is owned and operated by Christoforos Kokkonis. He has been active in the automotive service field for 25 years. During his career he has been employed in the New York metropolitan area. He has worked as a production auto and truck transmission rebuilder,production engine rebuilder and machinist, production torque converter rebuilder, production alternator, starter and carbuerator rebuilder, and a Master auto and truck diagnostic technician on all vehicle operating systems. This real world on the job training created a character obsessed with the principles of operation of all things automotive and the desire to improve existing automotive product designs. From an early age he was pushing engines and transmissions beyond the limits of there mechanical and structural limitations. After all of the trial and error and broken parts he began to understand what systems and parts needed to be researched and developed. He also learned to appreciate the strength of some over engineered factory items that did not need attention. From this unique view point CKPERFORMANCE was conceived. This allows the customer to put unheard of amounts of horsepower and torque through a transmission that was never intended for such purposes. The shop is equipt with the latest in tools and equiptment to better facilitate our customers. Shop equiptment includes an in house mig/tig welder,manual engine lathe, Bridegeport Mill, blasting and tumbling equiptment, a Dynadrone automatic transmission dynomometer with electronic transmission diagnostic equiptment, a full service CNC shop equipt with a "4" axis CNC milling center and 2 "2" axis CNC turning centers to produce his product in a controlled evironment.