TH400 Transmissions



You have arrived at the source for some of finest, hand crafted, competition TH400 transmissions available. At CK Performance our continued research and development is constantly at work refining our products. All of our TH400 builds utilize a host of CK Performance exclusive internal components, modifications, and assembly techniques not available elsewhere. The finished product always receives thorough dynamometer testing and final inspection before being prepared for delivery to the customer. The most common templates are outlined in this section; however modified versions are always available to meet the specific needs of our customers. We always prefer you phone in to discuss your application so that we can offer our recommendations to you on a personal level. The recommended power transmission capabilities of each transmission assembly are based on flywheel horsepower and torque numbers gained thru extensive field experience. 


The Competition Series TH400 transmission is designed to work with engines producing up to 1200 horsepower and 750 foot pounds of torque in most competition applications. The transmission is assembled with parts and technology not available elsewhere. 

Competition Components:

Competition Billet Input Shaft and Drum Assembly 


Forged Steel Rollerized Forward Clutch Hub

HD Direct Clutch Housing with 34 Element Sprag

Billet Sun Gear Shaft

Oversize Center Support with Billet Intermediate Clutch Piston

Intermediate Clutch Snap Ring Support

Billet Intermediate Pressure Plate

4CTA/RPFM-  Transmission Assembly with Reverse Pattern Full Manual Valve Body                              $1899.00

4CTA/RPFMTB-  Transmission Assembly with Reverse Pattern Full Manual Transbrake Valve Body    $1999.00